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Get Planted One-Year Bible Exploration Journal

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The Get Planted Bible Exploration Journal is a tool to help you go beyond a surface reading of the Bible.

Getting planted in the Bible means learning to engage with scripture on its own terms, in the context of the whole biblical story. It means developing the ability to apply what you learn to your own life. Sometimes it means being open to new ideas or opening confusing passages. It means sending out roots into the Bible that can begin to support a lifetime of growing faith.
The journal is laid out with a Bible-in-a-year reading plan that matches the Get Rooted One-Year Bible Reading Journal. It encourages reflection through note-taking through the week and deeper engagement and with one passage to explore and discuss. Get Planted is designed to be used in a mentoring or “discipling” relationship in partnership someone who knows their way around scripture.

The Get Rooted system is a discipleship help for people and churches at every stage of growth.

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