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what to expect on your first visit

From your home:

Wear whatever you want. As long as it’s clothes. Please wear clothes.

To the parking lot:

Located east of Crapaud, on the south side of the Trans-Canada Hiway, there’s plenty of parking, paved and unpaved. There are entrances on either side of the sanctuary, with an accesable ramp on the east side.

Through the doors:

Between the entryways is the sanctuary… basically, walk in, turn around, and you’ll see it. You’ll likely be greeted by a few people on the way in. Sit anywhere you like. If you’re in someone’s “regular seat,” they aren’t going to tell you… they’re just happy you’re here.

During the service:

There will be a prayer and some announcements, followed by “contemporary” music that helps us sing worship to God and prepare our hearts for his message. In the middle of the music, there will usually be a short time for people to come together, greet each other and catch up a bit (because we like people).

Before we start about half an hour of teaching time, children age 5-12 will be invited to follow a volunteer upstairs to our Sunday School area, where they will have a chance to learn about a God who loves them and wants a lifelong relationship with them.

We usually end with a song of response and a word of farewell.

After the Service:

Please consider filling out a contact card so that we can know you came out and if there’s any questions we can answer for you.

Sometimes we have a potluck dinner. If we do, you better stay for it or you’ll regret it for the rest of your life. If we don’t, a bunch of people are still going to want to shake your hand and introduce themselves. If you’re an introvert and this sounds perilously close to hell, that’s okay. Just smile and keep moving. We understand. No one is going to be offended.

Later that week:

If you filled in a connection card, Pastor Aaron will drop you a line at whatever your preferred method of contact is.

We hope you’ll join us. Whether or not you have more doubt than faith, more questions than answers, more hurt than love – you will always be welcome with us.

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