it's really only one person, but sometimes he feels like more

our pastor

Aaron Reimer

After being born in 1980 in Summerside, PEI, his parents promptly moved him west to Ontario. It’s okay. He’s back now. He likes writing and geeky things like board games and the vexingly cancelled television show Firefly.

Published writing includes The Art of Being BrokenWorshipping Through John: A Devotional For Praise Teams, and a short story about going to Jupiter with his dad that he wrote when he was seven. He has one wife (Vanessa), two sons (Dúnadan and Taliesin), and many cats.

seriously, though... our volunteers are awesome

Island Wesleyan Church wouldn’t run without all of us being the Body of Christ. We have a board that meets monthly to manage the church, an amazing group of worship leaders that plan and lead our services, and a bunch of children’s ministry volunteers that passionately pour into our youngest members week after week. The pastor’s just a guy. It’s the people that make it a church.