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what's "wesleyan?"

If you're interested in finding out more about The Wesleyan Church, it's beliefs, and it's teachings, check out this video series designed to prepare people for membership.

The four main sections cover the history and structure of The Wesleyan Church, the Articles of Religion, the Elementary Principles, and the Guides and Helps to Holy Living.

More information can be found in the description on the specific YouTube video pages.


This section includes four videos, covering an overview of the history of The Wesleyan Church, how The Wesleyan Church is structured, what church membership is and why it's valued, and how to become a member of The Wesleyan Church.

articles of religion

This section includes twenty three videos, including an explanation of what the Articles of Religion are, and unpacking each of the 22 Articles of Religion:

1. Faith in the Holy Trinity

2. The Father

3. The Son of God

4. The Holy Spirit

5. The Sufficiency and Full Authority of the Holy Scriptures for Salvation

6. God’s Purpose for Humanity

7. Marriage and the Family

8. Personal Choice

9. Sin: Original, Willful, and Involuntary

10. The Atonement

11. Repentance and Faith

12. Justification, Regeneration and Adoption

13. Good Works

14. Sin After Regeneration

15. Sanctification: Initial, Progressive, Entire

16. The Gifts of the Spirit

17 The Church

18. The Sacraments: Baptism and the Lord’s Supper

19. The Second Coming of Christ

20. The Resurrection of the Dead

21. The Judgment of All Persons

22. Destiny

elementary principles

This section includes three videos, covering what the Elementary Principles of The Wesleyan Church are, and unpacking what they mean as they inform how The Wesleyan Church is governed.

guides and helps to holy living

This section includes thirteen videos, covering the way The Wesleyan Church calls its members to live out their faith so as to draw closer to God and shine his light in the world.

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